Connect with Your Soul and Find Inner Peace
”This book is a loving invitation to explore one’s own soul in a manner that’s safe, sensible, and most of all wise.” Robert D. Lively, D. Min., Austin, TX

Your Mighty Soul: the Bumpy and Beautiful Road to Your Best Self

A marvelous companion is available to each of us for the journey of life — the sacred self known as our soul. Molly Glenn’s new book, Your Mighty Soul, connects us with this often overlooked, yet extraordinary inner resource. With our soul in charge, gratitude and wonder begin to eclipse the uncertainty we’ve felt. Anxiety is replaced by calmness. New-found wisdom is available for navigating life’s twists and turns.   READ MORE


Publisher Sacred Shore’s Mission Statement on Spiritual Awakening

There’s a longing in human souls to share the spiritual journey with others. Sacred Shore LLC’s mission is to be a trusted information resource for spiritual awakening and authentic living. We publish books and other media which:

  • encourage spiritual growth and curiosity
  • help develop self-awareness and other-awareness
  • nurture the soul which we view as the true self
  • promote wholeness for the mind, emotions, and body
  • honor Divine guidance and connection